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Wetcat Travel Program

Are you traveling with your Wetcat towels?

Consider applying for our ambassador program for travelers.

Wetcat Helps Save Pets

We donate 10% of our proceeds to save underaged kittens and rescue dogs.

Easy $10 Wetcat Gift Card

This is not a giveaway. It's for everyone. You simply follow us and share a post (preferably a reel) on Instagram using #ilovemywetcat and #wetcatmadeitto with your Wetcat towel when you travel, you get the gift card. We only issue 15 gift card per month so HURRY!

You can only get one gift card per month. You need to email your post to Ugur to receive your gift card. Please make sure you clearly display the towel in your post.

How to use the hashtags:

#ilovemywetcat can be used alone. You have to use #wetcatmadeitto with the name of the place you travelled, the more specific you are with the place the better.


#wetcatmadeitto Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

#wetcatmadeitto Ko Tao, Thailand

#wetcatmadeitto Nice, France

Have Another Collab Idea?

We would love to hear from you. Please send us an email.