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A picture of co-founders of Wetcat who are also siblings
Ugur & Bediz, Co-founders of Wetcat + Brother & Sister

Let's Get to Know Each Other

Hi everyone! We're Bediz and Ugur, the co-founders of Wetcat and brother and sister.

We created Wetcat because everyone deserves touches of joy in their busy daily lives. Cozy up, lay down, wrap yourself up, and bring us on your journey as you create new happy memories with your loved ones.

We love our community. Please feel free to reach out to us!


Wetcat Helps Save Pets

We donate 10% of our proceeds to save underaged kittens and rescue dogs.

Visiting Los Angeles in 2014

Our Story

Wetcat was born in the US in 2017 from our passion for quality textiles. We’re a native Turkish brother-sister dynamic duo. With our Turkish towel sourcing business in Turkey, we had been making waves and gaining valuable expertise in the sourcing business for Turkish towels in Turkey since 2014. We know Turkish towels inside and out.

Now based in Los Angeles, Wetcat has over 500,000 happy customers, and our success empowers us to continue to provide only the highest quality products so you can have fun, seek adventure, and enjoy time with those you love.

Our Promise

As native Turks with years of experience in the Turkish towel market, we not only have the know-how, but we also have an obsession with quality. Turkey proudly maintains a leading spot globally in the textile manufacturing industry, and we are devoted to representing only the very best. We are committed to maintaining this quality in our products, and at a reasonable price.

We are on a mission to deliver fun, luxurious, responsibly-made towels that serve as daily reminders to balance our busy lives with more touches of joy.

We're donating a portion of our proceeds to save animal lives.

Join In On the Fun

We take fun serious here. This folding challenge was our social media team's idea. Ugur was sure that he could win. Bediz was confident in herself having folded many more towels than Ugur.

Now let's get to know them better. Let's see who thinks what when the blindfolds are on.